Finland is a human-scaled, cozy country where the higher education institutions operate functionally and effectively. We are also proud of gender equality and low levels of corruption.

Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland are a practical work oriented alternative to traditional university education and give students an excellent combination of hands-on skills along with a theoretical knowledge base.

Studies provide professional higher education geared to requirements and developmentof working life and support professional development. The Ministry of Education and Culture closely oversees the quality of teaching in higher education institutions in Finland.


Kajaani is a small lively town with the population of 38,000. Student life in Kajaani is easy living: distances are short and services are of a high standard. The town has all the necessary services, yet is small enough to feel safe.

Four distinct seasons provide a variety of settings ideal for a wide range of meaningful experiences. Kajaani also offers everyone excellent recreational and free-time facilities. One of the biggest holiday and sports resorts in Finland, Vuokatti, is just 35 km away from Kajaani. It offers excellent opportunities for e.g. cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, husky safaris, wakeboarding, hiking and bathing in a spa. You can travel to Kajaani by bus and train as well as by airplane. A flight from Helsinki to Kajaani only takes about an hour. Kajaani has train connections to south, north, east and west.

We here at KAMK strive to make our international students feel welcome. Currently we have students from over 20 different countries, many of them living in the student accommodation conveniently located on campus. Our lecturers have an individual approach with each student helping them to identify and develop their personal area of expertise. Active student life and warm atmosphere of our multidisciplinary campus makes it easy make friends with international and Finnish students. The Friend Family Programme offers you a bonus option to familiarize yourself with the Finnish way of living.